Central Area Manager


Zach Boucias has been working and studying in the geotechnical industry for almost a decade. He started his engineering education at Florida State University, earning a BSCE. After graduation, worked as field engineer for Fugro Loadtest working extensively with bi-directional load testing of deep foundations using O-Cells. After working with Fugro Loadtest for approximately two years, he pursued an MSCE from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, with a focus on geotechnical engineering. In 2019, he began working with Geo-Instruments, an automated instrumentation solutions provider, serving as the main point of contact in the Central US region. Since then, he has been responsible for all phases of automated instrumentation monitoring projects in the Central US. He now serves as the Central Area Manager with a team of three technicians on approximately 10-20 automated instrumentation projects at a given time.


Contact: (312) 882-3012

[email protected]