Enthalpy Analytical

Technical Sales and Business Development Manager


Will Rice’s care for environmental remediation and health started early in life. He grew up in the Monterey Bay in the Santa Cruz mountains where his appreciation of fresh redwood forest air and clean swimmable ocean and river water were a lived and loved experience. But it was not solely the enjoyment of these spaces that motivated his career choice at an early age of 17. He was also influenced by his father's occupational exposure to excessive amounts of Methylene Chloride while working as a contractor in the 70s and subsequent lung removal.  Will studied Earth Science at UCSC where he had an opportunity to study agricultural practices and nutrient loading into nearby ecosystems, including field measurement and sample collection and analysis.  After graduation, he was hired by TestAmerica as an organics analyst in the evening swing shift and later operated a mobile PCB lab in rural Alaska, 7 days a week. This experience helped him appreciate keeping ambitious project schedules and the value of pacing in daily work.  He was eventually promoted into project management, and later moved into a sales role.  He has since spent years getting to know the top environmental consulting, regulatory and private/public operations in California and Hawaii.

With a sincere desire to continue to learn and improve upon best practices as an environmental professional he now works closely with clients and regulators to bring clarity to our collective experience of policy, science and business.  He continues to add to Enthalpy’s book of business while staying on top of emerging trends locally, in-state, and nationwide that may impact his clients or business, with specific expertise in the areas of earthwork, vapor intrusion, and surface water quality. 


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