Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc. is a United Stated-based company that invents, manufactures, and distributes Vapor Pin®️ products to a variety of end users, including environmental consultants, remediation contractors, drillers, field service companies, mitigation specialist, and government agencies.  Over the last five years, the Vapor Pin®️ has become the worldwide standard for the assessment of sub-slab soil gas conditions.  Vapor Pins®️ are used to located volatile organic compound source areas beneath buildings; assess vapor intrusion pathway completeness, evaluate radon conditions, assess landfill gas conditions, and are instrumental in pilot testing and long term monitoring of sub-slab depressurization systems. 

In 2017, Vapor Pin Enterprises opened Vapor Pin Brazil in Sao Paulo to serve the South American Market.  Vapor Pin Brazil manufactures Vapor Pin®️ products to the same exacting standards as those used in other parts of the world, and distributes them from its location in Sao Paulo.  To learn more about Vapor Pin®️ products, please visit our website at     


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