Clean Vapor



Tom has thirty-three years of experience in design and installation management of Vapor Intrusion and Radon mitigation systems totaling approximately 11,000 combined commercial and residential properties. In 1985, he pioneered one of the first models to effectively predict the attenuation of soil vapors into homes. He has contributed to multiple codes and standards including the National ANSI /AARST Radon Mitigation Standards for Multi-Family Residential Buildings, the National Mitigation Standards for Large Buildings and Schools, the Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Standards for Residential Buildings and the recently released Soil Gas Control Systems in New Construction of Buildings. He has authored several technical papers on energy efficient soil gas venting systems for new construction and existing buildings including both of the NAVFAC Existing Building and New Construction Vapor Intrusion documents. Tom is the patent holder of the energy saving, remote management technology that stabilizes pressures between the underlying soil and buildings.  His focus is on precision building diagnostics, plan design and the integration of energy efficient dynamic controls and remote management and monitoring technology for commercial buildings and vapor impacted communities.


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