The Environmental Remediation Group was created in 2006 with an ethos to design and implement meaningful remediation solutions by offering our clients the best possible approaches using the best suited technologies, implemented by a team that works to earn our clients trust every single day.

Our goal is to develop and implement sustainable, cost effective, and reliable approaches to contaminated site remediation using both proven and cutting edge technologies through creative remediation strategies.

The Group and its core team members have industry leading experience in the design, construction, and implementation of in-situ and ex-situ thermal remediation, using Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), electric and combustion based Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), and Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) technologies. Our team of thermal remediation experts have collectively designed, built, and operated over 90 different thermal remediation projects. Starting with the very first commercial projects in the 1990's, our team has been the heartbeat of the thermal remediation industry for over 28-years, designing and implementing some of the most advanced thermal projects ever endeavored.

With hundreds of successful projects completed over the past two decades, The Group also offers expertise and equipment for turnkey remediation solutions, including: Bioremediation , Closed-loop Groundwater Recirculation, Air Movement Technologies (SVE, MPE, and AS), and Combined Remediation approaches. The Group has been at the forefront of Combined Remediation strategies for over a decade, pioneering some of the first heat enhanced thermal and bioremediation projects, and continuously improving the means by which we integrate technologies and approaches both spatially throughout a contaminant plume, and temporally across the remedial timeline.

The Environmental Remediation Group is a proud division of Civil Environmental Survey (CES) Group, a full Environmental Services Company.


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