Lion Environmental

Managing Director at Lion Environmental


I am a founder and President of Lion Environmental, an independent environmental consultancy operating in Poland. In 2018 I founded REMEDy ( - a series of conferences on contaminated land. In the past I gained experience as a project manager and environmental consultant solving complex issues for corporate clients. As a Qualified ESHIA Facilitator I completed several Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects. I managed delivery of several documents required by Equator Principles such as Environmental and Social Management Plans as well as Environmental and Social Action Plans. I am experienced in site selection and environmental analysis for offshore infrastructure such as wind farms, export cables and telecommunication cables. I also delivered waste stewardship projects and environmental baseline studies for a range of clients from renewables, natural resources, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. Furthermore, I have worked on several soil and groundwater quality studies, site setting projects, pre-acquisition Environmental Due Diligence and environmental strategy development. I was also involved in design of ex-situ and in-situ remediation projects based in Poland and Italy.

My key areas of expertise include:
Location decisions for offshore infrastructure
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
Environmental Baseline Studies
Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Environmental Due Diligence and Feasibility studies for mining projects
Environmental Compliance Audits
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment - soil and groundwater quality investigation
Environmental Risk Assessments
Water Sourcing and Disposal Studies
Waste Disposal Studies
Groundwater Monitoring for Oil and Gas Exploration
Compliance Audits
Environmental Impact of Construction and Demolition
Equator Principles gap analysis
Environmental and Social Action Plans
Environmental and Social Engagement Plans


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