Center for Creative Land Recycling

Brownfield Revitalization Specialist


Sebastian joined CCLR with 7 years of experience in the Chemical Industry as a Remediation Project Manager, his past work included assisting in all facets of Sustainability such as brownfield revitalization, waste management, environmental policy, responsible care, solar implementation, and life cycle analysis. Since joining CCLR, he has been fundamental in the roll-out and management of the Equitable Community Revitalization Grant, assisting applicants and grantees plan and execute projects in the investigation and revitalization of brownfields across the state of California. He draws from his past experience to help applicants design budgets aligned with remediation success, and assists grantees with contracting events. While at CCLR he has also acted as a subject matter expert on Sustainable Remediation and helped explain how site clean-up can be linked towards broader Social, Environmental, and Economic goals.


Contact: [email protected]