The Environmental Remediation Group (ERG)



Rob is an internationally recognized expert in remediation technology, with 15 years of experience developing, driving, and managing the technical implementation of large-scale and highly complex projects around the world.  His expertise focuses strongly on thermal remediation, bioremediation, and combined in situ remediation strategies with a powerful supporting background in organic geochemistry, thermodynamics, microbiology, hydrogeology, environmental engineering, and electrical theory.

Rob proudly serves as President of The Environmental Remediation Group, where he takes a no-nonsense approach to business, with quantitative metrics and a "facts-first"  attitude towards project implementation and stakeholder engagement, while his technical ideology pushes the envelope towards the development of more reliable, sustainable, and cost effective remediation solutions.   As President of The Group, Rob is responsible for ensuring that projects are completed safely, successfully, and to The Group's highest standards. From early planning through project closure, he partners closely with clients, regulatory agencies, and project stakeholders to ensure proper communication and continuous engagement. While he is committed to all aspects of the company, Rob takes a particularly involved role in the technical design and implementation of projects and leads The Group's R&D efforts. 

Over the last decade, Rob has developed hundreds of remediation end-point specific conceptual site models, remediation system designs, and operational strategies, and lead the successful implementation of over 35 projects using in-situ and ex-situ thermal remediation and combined in situ remediation strategies which successfully met cleanup criteria and collectively removed over 5,500,000-lbs of VOCs and SVOCs from impacted media, including:

  • Thirteen (13) In Situ Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) Projects (2013-2019)
  • Fifteen (15) in Situ Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH) projects using both electric and gas combustion based TCH technologies (2016-2022)
  • Three (3) high temperature (>350 deg C) ex-situ thermal remediation (ESTR) projects to remove SVOC impacts, totaling over 60,000-cubic yards of treated soils.
  • Four (4) highly innovative combined remediation projects using heat enhanced biotic and abiotic degradation alongside ISTR source zone removal.
  • The largest ever high-temperature (300-500˚C) implementation of ISTR at an MGP site (2020-2022).
  • The first successful ISTR projects implemented in Australia (2020-2022) and Singapore (2020-2022).


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