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Pine is the leading provider of rental equipment in the nation for Environmental Monitoring Equipment, Sampling and Safety Supplies, Non-Destructive Testing and Visual Inspection Instruments, as well as Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) Equipment and EPA Protocol Gases. A large stock of rental equipment is in our warehouses across North America at all times with the latest models available. All of our instruments are checked under strict quality control measures and are cleaned, charged and calibrated prior to delivery.

Pine is completely focused and committed to putting technical equipment into the hands of those who need it, either through short, medium or long term rentals. Pine also provides customized and alternative financial offerings for extended project requirements.

Ever since 1995 when brothers Angelo and Roger Pinheiro (whose last name translates to Pine) established the company after recognizing the overriding need for customer support and service within the Environmental Monitoring and Field Equipment Industry their commitment to the customer has been simple: to provide technical and application support on our wide range of instrumentation, and to make the availability of that equipment second to none. And as importantly: all equipment will be tested and ready for use.


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