Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board

Engineering Geologist


Maile Gee is a Professional Geologist with over eight years of government sector experience, and she is currently an Engineering Geologist working for the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board in the Site Cleanup Section.  Prior to entering the government sector, Maile worked for several years in the environmental consulting industry as a project geologist and project manager.  She has managed projects involving the investigation and remediation of contaminated soil, soil vapor and groundwater resulting from the operations of underground fuel storage tanks, petroleum pipeline and storage facilities, aerospace manufacturing, circuit board manufacturing, metal plating and dry-cleaning facilities.  Maile also has experience working on United States EPA Superfund sites located in southern California.  She is currently serving as a member of the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council’s (ITRC) Implementing Advanced Site Characterization Tools Team.


Contact: (951) 782-4379

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