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Senior Principal Engineer


Kirk Craig, P.E., is a senior environmental engineer and a Senior Principal of the firm based in Arizona.  He has worked in the professional engineering and environmental fields since 1996 and is coming up on his fourth year co-instructing the senior-level Environmental Investigation and Remediation Design course (EVE 452) at Arizona State University. His primary expertise is in the characterization, delineation, and remediation of impacted soil, soil gas, surface water and groundwater at industrial and commercial properties.   

Kirk has overseen operations and activities associated with the assessment and remediation of a variety of sites throughout the United States. His environmental engineering experience includes the design, construction, optimization, and operation of well over 100 remedies using a variety of innovative and cutting-edge technologies. This includes notable experience delineating and treating various recalcitrant and emerging contaminants such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, 1,4-dioxane and perchlorate.

Kirk’s consulting and project management experience includes multiple private and public-sector clients such as defense contractors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical manufacturers/distributors, metals manufacturers, dry cleaners, railroads, gas/electrical service, and petroleum facilities, as well as the Department of Defense, Local/State/Federal regulatory agencies, and municipalities. He has significant regulatory experience with the CWA, CERCLA and RCRA, as well as State/Local Air Quality Control, UST, Superfund, Aquifer Protection and Voluntary Remediation programs. Kirk’s ability to relate to clients, regulators and the general public, combined with his technical expertise and regulatory compliance experience enables him to effectively understand site-specific issues and provide regulatory agencies with acceptable cost-effective solutions.


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