TerraStryke Products LLC develop and distribute biostimultion additives proven to enhance the performance of native microbial populations to destroy soil, groundwater and smear zone contaminants.  Each product leverages site biogeochemical conditions to organically create a sustainable treatment zone; and in doing so, naturally (without surfactant introduction) expedite the solubilization of residual source mass, increase contaminant bioavailability to allow for superior rates of contaminant destruction/biotransformation.

We work with you to establish Green remediation strategies with only one goal - assist you and your client to develope remediation strategies that work, are cost-effective and sustainable. Together we can establish cost-effective remediation strategies that meet Client/Owner and Regulator objectives while realizing superior performance, greater margins, and lower overall project costs.

TerraStryke biostimulation additive ERDenhanced effects the natural remediation of chlorinated volatile organic compound (cVOC) typically realizing >99% reductions in cVOC constituents and extended effect-residency times of >7-10years after a single injection program.

With regards to petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) contaminants, our product TPHenhanced maximizes biotic contaminant destruction while maintaining anaerobic conditions; eliminating above ground support equipment, nuisance noise/emissions, and energy costs while all the time maximizing smear zone solubilization and contaminant destruction to attain long-term compliance .

We get the rebound out up-front!

Our products are easily suitable for all deployment methods associated with in-situ and ex-situ remediation products. Lets work together to effectively minimize the impact of remediation while maximizing the solution.


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