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Jeff Fitzmayer is the primary owner and principal of Semper Environmental.  His 20-plus years of professional environmental experience began in 1999 with a large multi-national engineering and environmental company.  In 2017 he created Semper Environmental, bringing with him years of experience including being the lead environmental investigator, technical author, and project manager for numerous environmental projects, both large and small.  Many of these complex environmental projects covered all phases of both the RCRA and CERCLA processes.  Key roles and responsibilities included investigations and remediation of sites with soil, soil vapor, and groundwater contamination issues along with munitions response sites with hazards related to munitions and explosives of concern (MEC).  The RCRA Facility Investigations that Jeff managed ranged in size and scope and included large and complex sites contaminated with chemical warfare materiel (CWM).  He successfully managed munitions response projects from the early Site Inspection phases all the way through Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and Remedial Design/Remedial Action stages. He has been the primary author of numerous technical reports covering a wide range of environmental contamination issues. These documents included planning and writing hydrogeological and groundwater contamination assessments and long-term groundwater monitoring plans for multiple DoD facilities in Utah. All of these projects were characterized by high degrees of quality, safety, professionalism, and a strong adherence to budget and schedule.  Jeff has an excellent record of being a technical expert for soil/groundwater contamination issues and for munitions response (MMRP) operations and planning.  This includes a foreign assignment in Libya to plan and lead an on-site environmental site assessment at a remote military installation where the US State Department was assisting in the demilitarization of Libyan chemical weapons.

Mr. Fitzmayer is a registered professional geologist (PG) in California and Utah and holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Geology.  He is certified for completion of the US Army Corps of Engineers and Navy Facility Engineering Command course on Construction Quality Management for Contractors and he is a State of Utah certified UST Groundwater and Soil Sampler.


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