Mr. Paré has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Laval University. For the last eighteen years he has been involved in the evaluation, development, design, and promotion of both conventional and innovative environmental technologies, working with engineering firms and expert environmental consultants in industry and various levels of government. As Vice President with Chemco Inc., Mr. Paré ‘s responsibilities include the development of remediation strategies, assistance in drafting certificates of authorization, technico-economical analysis, design and supply of storage equipment, pumps and the logistics of supply for projects. Last year he worked with over 350 sites, applying his expertise to various types of contaminants ranging from chlorinated compounds, pesticides, and petroleum hydrocarbons.

He is involved with many environmental organizations, including the Canadian Brownfield Network, ESAA, OCETA, CLRA, and Reseau-Environnement, where he is an active technical committee member and speaker.


Contact: (418) 953–3480

[email protected]