Business Development Manager


17 years ago, after getting a degree from UC Berkeley in Chemical Biology, Jacob Gallagher took the logical next career step and got a job as a driller’s helper. He hasn’t looked back. His experience in the drilling industry has been mostly focused on environmental applications; however, it also spans the water supply, geotechnical and mineral exploration industries. Prior to “going sideways” with HDD he worked with virtually every platform of vertical drill rig application from direct push to flooded reverse circulation. He’s been involved in both the design and field implementation for hundreds of environmental remediation wells.

Based in Denver, CO, Jacob covers the entire western US, helping folks figure out how to apply horizontal well technology to their environmental and water supply applications. He strongly believes in the preservation of groundwater as an essential resource and is actively involved with numerous local and national groundwater organizations, including the National Groundwater Association, American Water Resources Association, American Ground Water Trust, Colorado Groundwater Association, California Groundwater Resources Association and many others.

Contact: (510) 334-6455

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