DeepEarth Technologies

Remediation Chemist


After completing a BS in Organic Chemistry with graduate research in Environmental Toxicology at Oklahoma State University, Ingrid Patman has been serving as a remediation chemist within Oil & Energy for over 6 years with a focus in ISCO and ISCR technology and application. In pursuit of continued education in environmental remediation and services, Ingrid is actively working to complete her CHMM.

She specializes in analytical data, insitu oxidation and reduction technologies, bench-scale and insitu application design. Her niche is remediating comingled sites with free phase, VOCs, and halo-organic compounds such as vinyl chloride and PCE.

She is currently working alongside DeepEarth Technologies, Inc. and supporting clients who are searching for sustainable and active insitu remediation. Ingrid collaborates with clients in their design applications to utilize the bio-friendly & green chemistry technology called Cool-Ox®. Cool-Ox® is an active ISCO-ISCR chemical technology that offers green and sustainable insitu remediation (GSR).



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