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HUESKER is a global leader in geosynthetics engineering, spearheading innovative solutions in pollution prevention and remediation. Our focus extends to the application of Tektoseal Active® geocomposites, which function as geotextile contaminant filters, designed to remove PFAS, hydrocarbons, metals, etc., while remaining permeable to the water or vapor carrying the harmful compounds.

The diverse product line of Tektoseal Active® is designed for a range of applications, including:
•    Groundwater Protection
•    Beneficial Reuse of Contaminated Soil
•    Capping of Polluted Sediments
•    Brownfields

Our advanced solutions facilitate sustainable remediation by efficiently mitigating pollution risks and protecting vital groundwater resources.

Beyond pollution control, HUESKER's influence extends across diverse applications, encompassing Earthworks and Foundations, Roads and Pavements, Mining, Hydraulic Engineering, as well as Industry and Agriculture.

For more details about our company and pioneering products, we invite you to explore, where innovation meets sustainability in pollution prevention and remediation.


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