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Business Development & Technical Sales Manager


- Extensive experience with in-situ/ex-situ soil, groundwater, and air remediation techniques and technologies including: ISCO, ISCR, in-situ bioremediation, pump and treat systems, multi-phase extraction (MPE) systems, and soil vapour extraction (SVE) systems.
- Extensive experience with soil vapour management and mitigation technologies including: sub-slab depressurization systems (SSDS) and soil vapour intrusion mitigation systems/barriers (SVIMS).
- Extensive experience with water/wastewater treatment processes and techniques
- Extensive understanding of hydrogeological site characterization practices including construction dewatering and environmental impact assessment
- Extensive understanding of geo-environmental field programs: soil, ground, and surface water sampling
- Experience with preparation/analysis of hydrologic and hydraulic computer modelling including field data collection for model development using HEC-RAS and EPA-SWWM
- Knowledge of land development, drainage, sanitary and water distribution system design.
- Strong, proven, analytical aptitude regarding problem identification and evaluation, trend identification,long-term planning, data analysis and equipment management
- General survey techniques and operation of advanced surveying equipment
- Proficient in GIS software; experience in open pit mine design, creating site maps, detailed survey maps,vegetation inventories, multi-view drawings, and engineering components drawings
- Laboratory experience including safe operation of equipment and lab supervision
- Composition and publication of technical reports, manuals, and government applications
- Programming in MATLAB, utilizing accurate graph modeling and surface plotting functions


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