ERIS is a leading provider of environmental and property assessment data and research in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our depth and variety of data, coupled with our innovative tools like ERIS XPLORER, and the ERIS MOBILE field app, make Phase I ESAs and all types of due diligence easier than ever. XPLORER allows you to visualize, interpret and analyze records and risk information related to a particular location. ERIS MOBILE allows the user to view ERIS project data, take and tag photos, notes, and complete checklists on-site to make report writing more efficient back in the office. And now, there is SCRIVA, ERIS' game-changing report authoring platform for all types of reports. ERIS is a one-stop shop for database reports, physical setting reports and historical property information including fire insurance maps, aerial photos, topographic maps, city directories, lien searches, as well as powerful digital tools to make your work life easier. 


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