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Ellingson-DTD (DTD) is the nation’s leading contractor for horizontal remediation well systems.

Since 1996, DTD has focused on the environmental applications of horizontal directional drilling (HDD). We have perfected the specialized techniques needed to install and develop wells for subsurface remediation and water resources development.

With offices in Bellefonte, PA, Stockton, CA, Mineral Wells, TX and West Concord, MN, DTD has completed wells throughout the United States and at several European locations.

DTD is committed to continual innovation and improvement of design and installation techniques for horizontal remediation systems.

Every DTD project is managed in the field by an experienced hands-on project manager to ensure that our systems are installed safely and meet project specifications. The success of our work depends on the proper design, installation, and operation of every horizontal well. Our experienced managers are intimately familiar with the installation process, from site logistics and health and safety to well development and system operation.

Our goal is total quality performance. We continually work to improve our equipment, installation methods, and system components to ensure that every system delivers the required performance.


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