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Senior Product Manager


Derek Pizarro, CPG is a Senior Product Manager for AST Environmental, Inc. in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Derek is a Certified Professional Geologist and has 16 years of experience in environmental applications, specifically bedrock contaminant characterization; contaminant transport studies; heavy metals remediation; permeable reactive barrier (PRB) design; and reagent bench-scale testing and design for environmental sites and industrial and utilities clients. He has participated in the testing and selection of contaminant remedies for multiple CERCLA sites, projects under the Pennsylvania Act 2 land recycling program, and hundreds of privately funded cleanups.

Previously, Derek served as General Manager and Environmental Products Director for a performance chemical manufacturer in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, developing chemistries for treatment of inorganic contaminants, sediment applications, and injectates for use in PRBs. He is responsible for creating a novel product used in the remediation of dredged sediments impacted with late-transition and post-transition heavy metals, making them directly suitable for non-hazardous landfilling or onsite disposal. This technology has been comprehensively utilized in the Northeast and Southeast Massachusetts DEP Districts and New Jersey.

Derek received a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Environmental Geosciences and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Lafayette College in 2004. As an undergraduate, he was published twice regarding the utilization of new environmental characterization and mapping technologies in conjunction with structural geology investigations. His career started with a bedrock field services company before moving to an ENR Top 100 Environmental Design Firm. Derek is a technical board member for the RE3 Conference, SAME Young Member, former American Foundry Society (AFS)- Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) committee member, and heavy metals task force advisor to a private utility group. Additionally, he was a founding member and formerly served on the boards of EnviroWorkshops (nee Remediation Workshops) and Focused Remediation Seminars.


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