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DeepEarth Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is an environmental restoration company specializing in providing Cool-Ox®️ technology for cleaning up contaminated soils and groundwater. Cool-Ox®️ has been awarded ten (10) patents in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The Cool-Ox®️ process is designed to eliminate a wide variety of contaminants including petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated organics (PCP, PCB, DDT, Dioxins), nitrate explosives (TNT, DNT) and brine. It is especially effective at destroying vapor phase contaminants (HC-VOC, CVOC) impacting various types of soils including clay (ChemHydro-Infusion™️).

While Cool-Ox®️ is tough on contaminants, it is gentle on vegetation. Because the mechanisms are different, Cool-Ox®️ can eliminate pollutants while actually promoting plant growth.

DTI is the industry specialist in providing Turnkey Services. Specialty equipment, proven technology and personnel know-how underpin our success. Depending on the site specifics, DTI utilizes numerous application methods to ensure Cool-Ox®️ delivery and communication with contaminants. These methods include Direct Push Technology (DPT), Hydro-Dart™️ (hand lance), well injections, Pit-Stop™️ overspray and soil blending. DTI’s field personnel are continually developing new down-hole tooling designs and working with the latest equipment available to ensure each application is as successful as possible no matter the soil type, depth or type of contaminant.


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