NJ Brownfields Assistance Center

Executive Director


Dr. Colette Santasieri is the Executive Director of the Center for Community Systems at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), as well as Executive Director of the NJ Brownfields Assistance Center @ NJIT, and Executive Director of the NJIT Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities Program (NJIT TAB). She possesses extensive experience and expertise in the planning and design of sustainable and resilient communities, properties, and civil infrastructure systems; planning for brownfields redevelopment; strategic planning; environmental planning; capital programming; and identifying and analyzing a project’s impacts on socio-economic, natural, and man-made settings. She has developed and facilitated forums for discussion and building consensus; and designs and conducts stakeholder education/training and engagement programs, as well as technical assistance programs for state, regional, county, tribal, and local government entities and nonprofits. She has a proven record of exceptional program and project management, and has led multidisciplinary project teams of planners, engineers, scientists, architects, economists, cultural resource experts, and students. Colette holds a PhD in Urban Systems, a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Planning and Design.


Contact: (973) 642-4165

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