Clean Vapor LLC is a full service design build vapor intrusion mitigation company with offices in New Jersey and North Carolina. Since our early days of entrainment modeling in 1985, we have mitigated over 11,000 combined commercial, multifamily, and residential properties. We have a strong portfolio of government, industrial, light commercial, school and community projects. We specialize in existing building mitigation as well as new construction and have contributed to several codes and standards documents.

Clean Vapor employs it’s understanding of building science and soil gas entrainment to engage each project using a unique total systems approach that starts with identifying specific compounds of concern, their concentrations and pathways into the indoor air. A complete building evaluation is conducted including precision soil permeability mapping, followed by the design plan and system installation by our seasoned teams implementing the latest in patented, energy efficient dynamic controls, remote management technology.  

Clean Vapor’s approach provides superior value for our clients and a healthier standard of living for others.  For a full suite of services offered please visit our website.


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