Chemco Inc. is a Canadian Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor providing products and services for In Situ and Ex Situ Soil and Groundwater remediation projects.   We are using chemical oxidation & reduction technologies, soil washing processes, enhanced bioremediation techniques & Permeable Reactive Barrier amendments to help our customer meet their established remedial objective using site specific treatment options.    We support these technologies via technical & economical design, remedial action plan conception, bench scale laboratory study to determine optimal dosage and chemistries and validation of subsurface distribution using inert tracers. Our services also include supply chain logistics, on site equipment selection, product procurement, injection design, chemical storage solutions and health and safety training.   We are the largest Canadian distributor of in situ and ex situ remediation amendment representing Advanced Oxidation Technology, Bioconservacion, Carus Chemical, EOS Remediation, Ethicalchem, Hoganas, Iveysol, Peroxychem & SiREM.  Last year, we have worked on over 400 contaminated sites applying our expertise to various types of organic and inorganic contaminants in soil and groundwater. We are also involved with many Canadian environmental organizations such as CLRA, CBN, ESAA, BCEIA and Reseau-Environnement as technical committee member and conference speaker.


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