BioLargo Engineering, Science, and Technology is a full-service environmental team and manufacturer of the industry’s next generation brand of patented clean Earth products.

When combined, BioLargo has the creative vision and tools to tackle your most demanding environmental roadblocks. Each member of our team averages 30 years’ experience in the most rugged conditions. Our success comes by partnering with clients as a consultant, relying on our environmental detective work to resolve issues of air quality, water purity, hazardous waste treatment, and OSHA compliancy in workplace safety.

We also deliver next-generation treatment technologies for some of the world's emerging contaminants, like per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Our PFAS treatment technology, the AEC, is the sustainable, low-waste solution for removing PFAS from water. As part of our PFAS treatment offering, we also offer our PFAS water testing program, which offers affordable quantification and qualification of your PFAS contamination problem.


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