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Vince Kowalick is an environmental scientist with several years experience completing HRSC sites.  He also has experience in 3D modeling and leading the 3D visualization team for Eagle Synergistic. Vince now leads Technical Sales also. Vince specializes in creating 3D visual models of contamination plumes, subsurface lithology and permeability below ground surface. Through his studies, he focused on Geographic Information Systems, water resources and sustainability. Vince made the decision to relocate out West from Philadelphia in order to be a part of the larger environmental sustainability scene, where he felt he could make more of an impact. His main goal of working to help the water crisis on this side of the country is what led him to Eagle Synergistic. He joined the team excited to take on the powerful and fulfilling work of helping the overall cleanup of subsurface contamination. Before joining Eagle Synergistic, he worked as part of an Environmental Operations team for Vail Resorts. There he managed on site environmental education and sustainability practices around the mountain.

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