Eisenstein Malanchuk LLP is an innovative, multidisciplinary law office based in Washington, D.C. where for over twenty years, attorneys and non-attorneys work together as partners. We believe what we have created is unique, and uniquely recognizes the changed reality of law practice in the 21st century. Combining our wide-ranging experience under one roof is highly efficient and enables us to best assist companies in seeking recovery on complex insurance claims. Our central business is focused on helping policyholders recover insurance proceeds from historic liability insurance carriers, to cover environmental, product liability, toxic tort, and asbestos claims, including class action claims and claims brought by State governments. We successfully have handled hundreds of these claims over the years, dealing with a wide range of insurers.  Our work spans the entire United States, and we represent a broad range of clients, spanning Fortune 500 companies and large municipal entities to small businesses, local merchants, and towns that face significant liability claims.  We routinely handle claims ranging from $1 million to $100 million or more, looking to recover both defense costs as well as indemnity payments for our clients.



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